A&M Benefits Group, LLC

A & M Benefits Group, LLC believes in protecting the confidentiality and security of information we collect about the individuals and companies we represent. We protect the confidentiality of our members’ personal financial and health information as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and relevant law. The material below describes our privacy policy and how we treat the information we receive about individuals and companies who apply for or obtain products or services through us. We collect and use information for businesses purposes with respect to insurance and other business relationships involving the client. These business purposes include aiding in the preparation of applications for insurance or other products or services assisting in obtaining information concerning benefit claims, administering products or services and processing transactions requested by a client or client representative. We treat all information in a confidential manner. Our agents and employees are trained to protect the confidentiality of information. We protect your confidential information and make it available only to our employees or others who need it to service or maintain your policy, to conduct insurance business, or for other legally permitted or required purposes. For example, information may be disclosed to others to enable them to provide business services through us. Our business affiliates include financial services companies such as life and health insurers or securities firms. Consistent with the above, all current and future A & M Benefits Group, LLC employees are required to sign and uphold our employee confidentiality agreement. Should you have any questions concerning this agreement or how we protect your private information, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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